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  • 27/11/20 is a remarkable and special birthday of our able director Urenna Amadi, a philanthropist and the sole founder of Afriwood Films
  • 2020-12-02 18:23:02
  • Face of Afriwood 2020 has just been concluded, it was huge success and our queen is chosen says the contest director Mr Emmanuel Egbe.We had sixteen
  • 2020-12-02 18:21:54
  • So far so good, the Afriwood Film Club members which consist of aspiring actors and filmmakers have been seriously receiving lectures online.Joana
  • 2020-12-02 18:21:32
  • The already progressive association which was founded in July,2020 has already laid some plans on ground aimed at the betterment of Nigerian film
  • 2020-12-02 18:21:05