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We are pleased to have you in our Team.

The biggest Film Industry in Africa is set to welcome her Newest Brand Ambassador Maya Jafer into the industry.

Maya Jafer is an Asian Indian from Madurai, South India. A United State Of America Citizen who resides in Los Angeles, CA, USA.  She is an Actress, a Bollywood Dancer, Comedian, TV/Talkshow Host, Public/ Inspirational Speaker, Visual Media/ On camera Personality and a Holistic Doctor with 2 Doctorates Health & Wellness Expert.

Maya Jafer as an actress has been a part of various films, documentaries, music videos, Tv interviews and Tv shows all in Hollywood.

she is also a subject of the international, multi-awards winning, documentary Feature 'MUHAMMED TO MAYA'.

According to Maya, she is very excited and happy to be part of Afriwood film industry as a Brand Ambassador an has promised put in  her best using her work experience as an actress and also an international public speaker on her discussion with the Afriwood film Director Urenna Amadi aka Dir. Renna.

We are pleased to have you MAYA as you have promised to put in your best, we at Afriwood will make sure you will never regret working with us says Afriwood Team.


Afriwood Film Industry aka Afriwood Motion Pictures Company is an Africa based film production company designed to promote Africa cultures and Values through movies.

Afriwood Actors are found all over Africa and based on that Afriwood is said to be the most recognized largest film production company in Africa. Afriwood produce her industry projects and commercials which they handle all the production management.


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Head Office: 322  Renner Avenue Newark, New York, USA.

Nigeria Office: 35 Njiribeako Street Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Email: [email protected][email protected]

Phone: +2347060969306

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