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Not quite long as a great filmmaker in afriwood, One of the Army Crew Jeremiah reveals a huge secret as to claim where the success of the industry is coming from, he told the press in confidence supporting it with a recorded onset Video as an evidence and prove of what he said today being 22nd day of October 2018.

He went ahead to tell the fans how bold he is to reveal this secret no matter the consequences that might follow up, according to his statement, THIS IS OUR LITTLE SECRET OF HIGH LEVEL SUCCESS, he added that every company has their big secrets and here he has revealed the most expensive secret of the company without minding who is listening and how you may feel about it.

He also added that he has a short and simple evidence which you can view down here yourself in this effect.

Click to Watch the video.


Afriwood Team

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Afriwood Film Industry aka Afriwood Motion Pictures Company is an Africa based film production company designed to promote Africa cultures and Values through movies.

Afriwood Actors are found all over Africa and based on that Afriwood is said to be the most recognized largest film production company in Africa. Afriwood produce her industry projects and commercials which they handle all the production management.


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Nigeria Office: 35 Njiribeako Street Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

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