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The boy who made the list of new recruitment is the popular pageant winner of Mr.Nature Nigeria...King Lam Chris, a senior top town fashion model and an event holder, who at his teenage age had made a lot of wave for himself... Currently, this new presenter signing is  among the working voice of Gold FM radio and also the winner of the iconic Face of Humanities students association, Imo state university... With an interview with him previously, Lam Chris confessed about his feelings of being among the Army crew "Am happy to be among a crew with lot's of revolutionary positive vision in the sight of film making" he said with a popular grin...
  Lam Chris is Afriwood's new Presenter, and so far the industry has gotten him busy with work, "My first job was overwhelming, I was a little bit tensed, but it went well" he shared his first experience with an interviewer... His fellow new recruit, the writer, Ekezie Kelechi has pointed out Lam Chris as a lad with great sense of humour which he believes will really aid him get along with the new crew...
   Lam Chris has had his difficulties working for the crew...He is a model and radio station worker and this works have him choked to give out an undivided attention in the service of the industry... Obviously, the young man seem to be in love with the family, judging from his easy blending with the crew..."I want to work for Afriwood, no matter the challenges I think I must try to adapt" he spoke on this matter...
     This Presenter is a young man who has the demeanour of professionalism and being busy...Lam Chris has not really had childhood dreams of being anything, so being with Afriwood is like God's designed path for him to follow...He found the career of modelling fascinating at a very young age and since then till now, he has always wanted to be behind a High Definition camera, promoting whatever concept he has on him..."I don't think I have ever imagined myself work for a film industry, all I ever wanted to be was model and be a TV presenter "he made this remark behind a camera...So far, working with the crew, Lam Chris has his own new harboured vision as an Army Crew,"I see myself in the next five years at the peak of my career, through hard work and staying focused" he remarked...To the industry, Lam Chris is a positive vessel that can see to the promotion of the good name of the industry, with his previous name as prominent and  prodigious fashion model, TV presenter and Radio station worker, is an affirmative debate on his anticipated positivity to Afriwood...

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Afriwood Film Industry aka Afriwood Motion Pictures Company is an Africa based film production company designed to promote Africa cultures and Values through movies.

Afriwood Actors are found all over Africa and based on that Afriwood is said to be the most recognized largest film production company in Africa. Afriwood produce her industry projects and commercials which they handle all the production management.


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