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Afriwood Film industry has finally launched a strong Campaign Stop Sex for Movie Roles Campaign this November 24th 2018.

This campaign is designed to eradicate the disgusting practices of sex before a role can be given to an actor or talent.

The issue of sex for movie roles has been an unnoticed corrupt medium most movie directors and movie manager's use to satisfy their animalistic crave for sexual pleasure, unconsciously building up controversial and finger pointing cases that can negatively hit hard on the victim of the movie industry which the director or movie manager is working with.

In 2014, the Nigerian government released data for the first time showing Nollywood is a $3.3 billion sector, with 1844 movies produced in 2013 alone likewise other African countries.

Yet only those already famous keeps getting the fame and lead roles unlike Hollywood & Bollywood where a new face can play a lead role, get nominated for an award and possibly win it.

 Sex for movie roles has been a pest that sips the juice of zeal and enthusiasm young actors and actresses uphold when the get stories  from the victimized or at worse when the news is been carried by the media...

Any movie industry as victims of such scandalous act would automatically paint themselves black in the eyes of any willing talent who craves badly to join the world of acting...This flourish the lines of how egregious the act of sex for movie roles can be...This matter has also been a thing of excuse that comes in tandem with fear, which parents use when ambitious children approach them with t movie dreams the wish to fullfil...

In so many ways, sex for movie roles has unconsciously or consciously killed passions for amateur's, who wish to be professionals someday, this great ill has placed some kind of stigma on the feminine sex especially, that they are foisted to sell their bodies to get a place in a role of a movie...This great ill has been a ladder for most female actresses who has gotten to a height an amateur prays for,creating possible chance of a mentality of vengeance by they victimized that they may which to have a hand in the same act since it was how they could get to where they are today...At this circle,sex for movie roles would be a thing of normalcy,painting every movie industry black...

     This great ill, the industry face can only face a curtail by having disciplined men and women in the movie industry who believe in the right pace of administering young talents for movie roles.

STOP SEX IN MOVIE ROLES is a campaign by the Africa movie industry AFRIWOOD

We are calling on every producer, director, actors & every one affiliated to Afriwood to be a part of it..


Together we can, Together we will 


Afriwood Team

Thank You For Visiting Our Website. We The Afriwood Family Is Ever Grateful For Your Love And Kind Support.   #afriwoodcares

Website: www.afriwood.org

Afriwood Film Industry aka Afriwood Motion Pictures Company is an Africa based film production company designed to promote Africa cultures and Values through movies.

Afriwood Actors are found all over Africa and based on that Afriwood is said to be the most recognized largest film production company in Africa. Afriwood produce her industry projects and commercials which they handle all the production management.


contact Us

Head Office: 322  Renner Avenue Newark, New York, USA.

Nigeria Office: 35 Njiribeako Street Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Email: [email protected][email protected]

Phone: +2347060969306

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