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The Filmmaker who is also a Presenter in

Afriwood Film Industry has Gotten a Call Up

Letter From her School'

Chidinma has begun preparation to go into the camp in the next few days from now, which is said to be the Batch B, Novernmber 2018, as to serve her father's land Nigeria with all her strength and to uphold her unity.
She showed her gratitudes to the industry as well as her fellow crew members aka Afriwood Army Crew for their love and kindness towards her during her 2 years of stay with the company, she also added that she is going to miss them a lot as she is supposed  to anchor the ongoing Afriwood feature film presentation and red carpet show that will follow the feature film next year, but this is going to happen unless she never redeployed
The National Youth Service Corp has posted her to Jigawa State in the Northern Part of Nigeria to her serve her Motherland Nigeria, she explains how happy she is and lamented on the fact that she is going very far from her family and company, but she has no other option than to serve.
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Afriwood Actors are found all over Africa and based on that Afriwood is said to be the most recognized largest film production company in Africa. Afriwood produce her industry projects and commercials which they handle all the production management.


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