BE a part of the experience of MAKING A FILM that exposes a story about a young, naive victim who is forced into modern human trafficking going on in the world today!

Logline: Even at 20th century, a Nigerian girl is tricked and sent to South Africa for prostitution but this time, South Afr ica did not spare the smugglers as fairness and integrity.

Synopsis: A Nigeria girl on scholarship in South Africa was tricked and sent for prostitution which turns out to be a pain for the smugglers by South African high court.

"Nigeria Child Trafficking to South Africa gone wrong"

Pitch: Sara is successful in a scholarship examination organized by her mother's friend shonne to study in abroad (South Africa ) and never knew she was going for prostitution, She was handed over to the hotel manager to be trained but she refused and rejected sleeping with costumers but on that day a drunk costumer died in her room and she was arrested, detained and sent to court to be sentenced to death but she was rescued by a justice Brown who judged uprightly.