About Us

Afriwood Films Initiative (Non-Profit Organization) is created to support African  creative Filmmakers produce movies that will promote African arts, cultures and values.
This initiative also helps in showcasing, promoting and distributing these movies to the world. 
The under Privileged Africa aspiring actors and filmmakers also benefit from the initiative through a free certificate filmmaking and Acting training.
This movement is founded in 2020 by Afriwood Motion Pictures Company Under the supervision of Urenna Amadi, an award winning African filmmaker, based in Nigeria, West Africa.

Our Mission Statement 
 1. To Support and Help African Filmmakers tell their Stories to the world.
 2. To Showcase and promote African Arts, Cultures and Values through Motion Pictures.
 3. To Harness the power of African films, so as to inform, educate and inspire the world.
 4. To Educate And empower Aspiring African Filmmakers through AFriwood Film Academy.
 5. To provide confidence and encouragement to the less privileged  African Filmmakers as they tell their unique stories.
 6. To bring life changing stories to over 4,000 people every year. 
 7. To harness the creativity and uniqueness of African Filmmakers.

Our Vision
 1. To bring out the creativity in the young African Filmmakers
 2. To give hope to Aspiring African Actors and Filmmakers by supporting and coaching them through film training, seminar, workshop and sensitization.
 3. To provide job opportunity to African Actors and Filmmakers around the world.
 4. To project African Filmmakers and make African stories heard in the world .
 5. To educate and encourage African Filmmakers by providing learning materials and support.
 6. To train 1000 students every year in filmmaking from all African countries.
 7. To increase the awareness of African cultures and values around the globe.
 8. To change the perception of Africa in the world through motion pictures.