About Afriwood Film Festival 2021

Afriwood Film Festival (AFF) is created  to appreciate, celebrate, curate and support  African filmmakers and unique films that promote African Arts, Cultures and Values, making it possible for  African Stories to be heard all over the world. The festival is a distinctive cultural event that educates, entertains and inspires audiences to appreciate and feel the natural impact of African Story.

Afriwood Film Festival Event shows an amazing mix of short and feature length films, the best independent films on the festival circuit, before they come to cinema. We are screening African films from all over the world and honoring emerging African filmmakers from every age, religious, ethnic and cultural perspective.

Our mission is to bring worthy African filmmakers to a wider attention, and to provide a platform for appreciative and informed discussion of their work.

AFF - Afriwood Film Festival attempts to cultivate spaces for independent filmmakers to create and display their stories without commercial pressure, in order to discover and celebrate extraordinary films and develop independent filmmaking.
AFF - Film Festival strives to set a standard for excellence in recognizing the important work of emerging African talent and masters of the cinema craft.

The event is organized by Afriwood Films Initiative, a nonprofit organization designed to support and promote Africa stories and storytellers.

Submission Rules

Please Read The festival Submission Rules Before Proceeding.

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